How to Prepare to Go to Hospital

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Choose the Right Hospital

During your pregnancy period, we believe that you make regular visits to the clinic and consult a suitable doctor or a medical professional. During this time period, you should identify the most suitable hospital for your delivery. There are several factors to consider such as; distant from your home to the hospital, facilities available at the hospital, doctors available at the hospital, past record about hospital on mother and baby care etc. We recommend you to choose a hospital with a known history of good mother and child care with qualified doctors and within the reach of your home.


Call In Advance

For a speedier admission process, visit or call your chosen hospital and pre-register if you haven’t done this already. Pre-registration doesn’t give you a precise "save the date" notice, but it is a way to ensure that your name, insurance information, and practitioner contact info are ready and waiting for you when you arrive. This will minimize the paperwork you’ll need to do and allows a faster admission.

Map It Out

Map out the most direct route to the hospital or maternity center (do this with your partner, since he’s probably the one who’ll be responsible for getting you there). Also, during the times that your husband is away, decide whom you will call first to drive you to hospital. It is recommended to have the company of your mother, auntie or any other female friend who will understand the situation better.

Make sure you and your husband/relative has driven on the route to hospital in a day time and also in a night time so that both of you know the right way to reach hospital in a case of emergency.

Check Your Bag

It’s a good idea to make a checklist of items to take to the hospital for childbirth. After that, leisurely collect all the items and store in one place, so that you can quickly pick them all and go to hospital as soon as the need arise. Identify the items absolutely needed in the first 24 hours of admitting to hospital for childbirth and keep them in one bad. Anything else, keep in another bag so that your husband/relative can bring on the following day of childbirth.

For the baby, you’ll need some T-shirts, socks, receiving blanket, and heavier clothes if the weather is cold. And for you; some comfortable clothes (sweats, a robe, warm socks), a nursing bra, snacks (raisins, nuts, whole-wheat crackers, mints), bottled water, toiletries, portable entertainment (books, magazines, music), and eyeglasses (if you wear them) should be packed.



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