Help Your New Born to Sleep Better

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Every baby is different, but there are some similarities also. Your baby is new to this world and you should help her to be comfortable with her new residence. These are some steps that you can follow:

* Clear the Clutter

Make sure her place is designated as a room for sleep. Keep the area around the crib free of toys and other fun knickknacks. Crib distractions confuse your baby. They'll make him wonder, 'Is this a playpen, or is it time to sleep? Clearing the space will help your baby mentally associate the bedroom with sleeping and other rooms with playing.

* Temperature

Baby sleeps best when the temperature is consistent and cool. Most moms actually keep the nursery too warm; try to keep the room temperature between 68 and 72 degrees. Pick a location that isn't in the direct pathway of your air conditioning or heating vents for crib. Sudden temperature changes will startle and disturb baby. Also, keep the crib away from windows to protect baby from drafts and outside noise.

* Dim the Lights

Forget the nightlights; babies aren't likely to fear the dark until at least 18 months. In fact, cut out all the extra light you can. Get yourself an extra hour of sleep by putting vinyl blackout curtains behind decorative drapes. Light signals daytime to baby, so blocking out the sun will help keep her snoozing'. Also, scan the room for anything shiny. A CD player, baby monitor, or flashing toy could catch baby's eye and wake him up, so cover these objects or turn them around. If feeding in nighttime, attach a dimmer switch to a lamp and turn it on and off slowly for nighttime feedings.

* Soothe with Sound

What baby hears (or doesn't) is just as important as what she does or doesn't see. Pick up a white noise machine to cancel out house noise, cars, and other distracting sounds; leave it on all night. Baby will begin to associate the constant and consistent sound with sleep. Some noise machines have lullaby, ocean, or other sound options, but simple white noise is fine -- it'll bring baby back to being in the womb, and really, what's more soothing than memories of mommy's belly? Look for a portable machine so you’ll be able to recreate the sounds while you're away from home.

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ඔබට ඇති වෛද්ය ගැටළු අසන්න මෙහි ක්ලික් කරන්න, Ask a Doctor | වෛද්යවරයාගෙන් අසන්න


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