Great Day Out With Your Kids - Amusement parks

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Here comes yet another weekend! A lot of our time is spent more and more indoors lately. For the child to develop his or her personality in a well balanced manner, having diverse experiences is highly required. Taking them to an amusement park will give them the opportunity to have a lot of fun and learn a thing or two about life! Check out our this week’s edition of great day out, visiting the amusement parks around Colombo...

Before you go...

Every parent knows it’s the small things that make the real difference between a great family day out and a nightmarish few hours with screaming children. Preparation is key. It sounds simple but get there early and head for the parks that are furthest away as many people go straight for the ones nearest the entrance. You can also save money and more queuing by taking a packed lunch, but some parks don't allow foods in . Don’t forget to take drinks and snacks for the whole day if they let you. Also, if there are two or more adults in the party, split up so you can take children on age-appropriate activities. And be careful, park shops are very tempting for children. Give older kids a budget and stick to it. Most of all, keep one really good ride for the end so you can go out with a win. 

Here we give you some of our best choices of amusement park in srilanka 

Fun Factory

With a large jungle gym, dedicated soft play area for toddlers & infants, dramatic play zones, plus reading corner Fun Factory provides fun physical and educational activities for your kid to improve his or her mental and also physical development.

(11, School Lane, Nawala, 011 2862656, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Water World

Water world is a place where you and your child both can enjoy the experience in same way. It will be so much fun and memorable for your entire family in a way. They  have designed many information boards containing comprehensive descriptions of several species of fauna and flora on display which would be a great educational experience for your growing toddler too.

(No: 95, Biyagama Road,Thalwatta, Kelaniya,Sri Lanka.+94 11 5555 434, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Excel world 

Excel world we won't fully recommend to you for going out with your infant child its more of a toddler and family place. But in all aspects its a place for friendly gatherings and casual business meetups, making the busy concrete atmosphere of the Colombo city to come alive and cheerful. Its a great place to have you toddlers birthday parties and all gatherings. It has wonderful array of fun-filled activities ranging from bowling, laser game centres and gaming zones. Its a place where your toddler can enjoy his day for the fullest. 

(338, T.B Jayah Mawatha, Colombo 10 ,011-555-5996 / 011-555-5999, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Guruge Nature Park      

Guruge Nature Park is a theme park that you can go and hang out with toddler. Among its many attractions are a purpose-built Gem Museum chronicling the history of gem mining and the importance of precious stones throughout Sri Lanka’s history, a unique representation of an ancient village in Sri Lanka as it existed in the past, replica of Adam’s Peak, many exotic and colorful animals. 

(Address:Guruge Nature Park, 266 Ganemulla, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka, +94112247697, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dream Paradise Leisure Park

Dream Paradise Leisure Park located in the Minuwangoda, Gampaha District. Dream Paradise Park consists of water and amusement activities such as Crazy Mouse, Pendulum Rider, Little Train, Octopus Rider, Jet Rider, Bumper, Mini Roller Coaster, 9D Cinema hall, Horse Riding, Beach Bike riding, pool and Air Rifle Shooting which  makes this park also more toddler friendly than for a day out with your infant. 

(LeisureWorld Water Parks (Pvt) Ltd.Seethawaka, Kaluaggala,Hanwalla, Sri Lanka. +94 (0) 362 253 999)

Note: This article was generated using publicly available information. will not hold responsible for accuracy of such information and the quality/safety of services rendered by the aforementioned organizations.


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