Diary of a first time Mother - Week 1

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Hi there all mothers and hopeful future mothers to be! I am a happy and proud mother of a six week old bundle of joy. Although I am a doctor by profession I would confess when it comes to motherhood I am still testing the waters. Through this series I would be happy to share with you my life as a new mother, which includes things I knew, things I thought I knew but actually did not, and things I did not know at all. Ahem, also I might share more than a few blunders and mishaps, which sounds funny when put into words but were actually leading me to pull my hair at times.

Tired, but can’t match that blessed feeling...

I delivered my baby girl after nearly twelve hours in the labor room. There was not much pain because I had an epidural for pain relief, but I was bored to death by the long wait. Was kind of exhausted but at the same time overjoyed to be the creator of the little girl, who started gulping down milk the moment she was given to me. Went to the ward after another few boring hours and fell asleep to be woken up by a nurse. I was sound asleep while my little one was crying her lungs out. Changed her nappy for the first time, the outcome of which did not look like what I have seen other moms achieve quite easily. Spent the rest of the night peeping at the baby basket every time a kid cried in the ward.

Going home...

Next day, went to the bathroom by myself in a duck like walk. My baby girl got weighed and was given BCG vaccine. She was also examined by a doctor for any abnormalities. Was worried whether she will cry, but she was one tough girl and didn’t even grimace. My husband was constantly nagged by me to get her birth registered so that we could leave in the afternoon. Came home with husband and mother, stopped many times on the way for her to feed and was exhausted by the time the journey was over. Deciding to stay at my mom’s place was a sudden decision taken while I was in hospital, so things were all unorganized. Gave up trying to organize things and fell asleep only to wake up throughout the night to keep staring at the child.

Day three dawned when I suddenly woke up to sounds of cough from the kid. She seemed like having difficulty in breathing and no matter what I did she would not cry. Panicked, thinking that she has got milk in her lungs, woke up the whole family, who were also clueless on how to proceed and ended up driving to the closest hospital, at 5 am in my nightgown. The child started crying the moment a nurse pinched her feet, about ten times harder than I did. Came back home, cried, hugged the kid and fell asleep.

What a week it was!!!

It was kind of a hazy blur the rest of the week. The little one was not properly attached to my breast during feeds and was therefore losing weight, which was normal in the first few days, but at a bit of a bigger scale in my case. So took the child to the Lactation Management Center for two days and was frustrated when she would not feed in that manner back at home. Since I was feeding her around every two hours rarely got any decent sleep. She was passing urine and stools quite often and I was lucky to have both my husband and my mother to with the washing. Life had become a whole lot heavier all of a sudden with me in charge of a brand new little person. I was lucky as the kid was really patient with me and was not demanding a lot. She did need a lot of feeding, made a huge fuss over burping but slept most of the remaining time. Thus I spent the first week of my life as a new mother.


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