Diary of a first time Mother - Week 2

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Being bit of a perfectionist, I always had this vision of me playing the role of the perfect mom. I would handle the kid and tackle all the household chores with no hassle while being always cheerful and taking care of myself.

A big challenge...

And when it came to real life? My husband and mom had to go back to work from week two. Mom came home in the afternoon and my husband could only be there during the weekends. So the whole morning I was left with a kid, a dog and a dad, all three of them who were providing no help at all, for the heap of work to be done. I think I did manage to accomplish my vision of being a perfect mom, for a few hours of day one.

Baby is the new center of universe!

After that Batti (which I assure you is not the my kid’s name but what her dad thinks is her name) decided to show me what my priorities should be very clearly by wailing out loud till I dropped everything else and attended her every beck and call. And since the only method of communication she knew was various degrees of crying, from a whimper to ear splitting scream, sometimes I was totally at a lost on what she was asking for. But little by little I managed to decipher the secrets of her crying like a loud distressed cry if her nappy was wet, a low sob when she was hungry, and an intermittent sob with rubbing her eyes and face when she was sleepy and so on.

Hygiene Matters!

During the first week managed to wash all the nappies by hand, but now discovered that the task was impossible with no help during the day. So I decided to use the washing machine for the nappies and other baby clothes. Still had to hand wash the nappies with stools though. Initially Batti was passing black color stools due to what she gulped down inside me. Now that she was on breast milk her stools had turned yellow. Although I initially thought handling stool would be a bit of a disgusting task, found that it was not disgusting at all, but rather a bit fascinating. Went through both liquid and powder of the baby detergent and found that I prefer the powder better.

Although Batti used to sleep almost the whole day last week, this week she decided to go for a different routine. She would sleep for stretches of about two to three hours during day and shorter lengths at night. Hope she will not turn out to be an owl like her mom! The bad news was that she got startled easily from the sleep and so had to force all the household members to whisper while she was asleep. Everybody complied except the dog!

Baby’s first Shower...

Started giving Batti baths with the help of Mom and husband during the weekend. What actually happened was Mom bathed her, my husband helped while I took photos of her official first bath. Following the bath and a feed she fell asleep cozily and woke up with her umbilical stump fallen off. I kept worrying the whole afternoon whether it fell off or got ripped off by me accidently during the feed.

Ikkayi Mayi Galu Giya!

By now Batti was feeding well but we were still struggling with the burping. She had developed hiccups quite often as a result of gulping down air. Did try in vain to explain to my mom that it was quite harmless and would resolve spontaneously. Did not succeed and mom ended up trying all ancient secret methods and chanting “Ikkayi Mayi galu giya, Ikka daala mama awa” to remedy it.

Little Nose...

On top of all these, I was accused by my mother of completely disfiguring the kid’s nose by crushing it to my breast while feeding. Apparently I should mold it back its proper shape whenever I am free. Free?


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