Diary of a first time Mother - Week 3

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We were now putting together a kind of a routine for the day. It was very simple. When Batti was up I feed her and be with her. When she slept I was supposed to fall asleep too according to most of the articles I read during the pregnancy.

Life Gets Busy, Very Very Busy!!!

But what happened was the moment I thought of drifting off to sleep I would suddenly remember that there was some chore unfinished. Mostly it was a load of nappies to be washed or hanged out to dry, ironed and folded neatly the way my husband loved. Or else it was that I had to refill the almost empty cotton ball container before she pees again and I have to do it one handedly. Or that I had to get her bath ready and so on. So I would decide to finish whatever the task that is nagging my mind and come back to sleep. By the time I come back to bed panting after completing the task at super speed and try to close my eyes, Batti would be up again.

The Night Shift!!!

This would go on until about four pm when she enters what my dad calls “the devil’s mode”, where she would feed, wailing at the top of her voice between every few gulps of milk with me trying to soothe her in every possible way I know while the rest of the family trail behind me with various, most of the time unhelpful, advices. When she decides I have had enough exercise for the day, Batti stops the wailing and settles for a peaceful nap for about three to four hours.

Disposable Diapers?

Although I initially thought I would not use disposable diapers, I changed my mind as it was essential for Batti to have some stretches of long naps without getting up due to a wet nappy. So during the day she would be in cloth nappies and would pee mostly on me and on the bed, the settee and the cot occasionally and on her dad extremely rarely. Guess it shows how fond she is of me. At night she would be on diapers which she was really comfortable with.

Visit by the Midwife

Had the area midwife visit my home for the first time. As I spent my pregnancy here and there I did not manage to get proper antenatal visits by a midwife. But now that I was staying at my place for some time, thought it was a good idea to get registered with the local clinic. Was waiting for an ancient old lady to visit me, but got a young and really friendly midwife instead. If she was horrified by my living conditions, she managed to hide it successfully. It was really nice to see another human being other than my family after a long time.

Don’t Visit a Kid Soon as It’s Born!

I was putting off receiving visitors till the kid was a bit older and we were settled down. Then I realized that settling down was something that would never happen again. So granted permission extremely reluctantly for my husband’s family to come and visit the child. Things were quite okay until I learned that one niece was suffering from a cold. Frantically hid “wadakaha and perumkayam” (Ayurveda medicine thought to drive the infections away from the kid) under Batti’s bed and tried my level best to keep the kids away without appearing to be rude. I know it is the Sri Lankan custom to go visit as soon as a kid is born and it is with good intentions. But all the same, being a medical person my opinion would be to postpone the visit till the kid is a bit  older, specially not to bring kids who are really good vehicles for infections that can readily jump on to the still feeble new kid. Spent the rest of the week being paranoid every time the kid was a bit fussy thinking that she had indeed caught that cold. Luckily she did not.


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