Diary of a first time Mother - Week 4

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Week four started with confusion. Pregnancy is usually counted in weeks and according to that at the end of the week my kid was going to be four weeks old. Yet since this month contained five weeks I was not sure whether I could call Batti a one month old or not. It looks like a stupid question but moving from weeks to months when mentioning her age was really important. Saying your kid is one month old sounds like she is quite a big girl than the tiny third weeker she was the week before.

What is She Saying?

Batti has started making noises and I was dazzled for days. Of course as a doctor I knew babies do start to gurgle or coo or hum when they are growing. But hearing your own kid’s first sounds is nothing compared to what we experience as doctors. Sometimes she even says two or three phonemes at once and it sounds like she is saying actual words .Batti is totally adorable when she smiles her toothless smile and goes on babbling. (God only knows what).This had made our dog utterly confused about the new comer, but luckily for me he has not chosen the sounds as a threat and started to bark.(Yet)

Keeping Her Warm...

Found out most of the stuff we brought for the kid is quite useless. A lot of the clothes were supposed to keep the little one warm, like the flannel sheets, blankets, baby sacs and hats. But the climate being so hot that even us adults could not survive the day fully clothed, Batti strictly demanded to wear as little as possible, this being only a nappy most of the time. Initially I was so reluctant to  meet her demands as the moment my mom saw  Batti without a frock, she would start shouting “ oya lamayage papuwata hulang wedila leda weyi” ( She will get ill exposed to the cold air). But then I decided it was better than Batti suffering with sweat pouring down her like a river. In addition to the minimum cloth policy Batti really got addicted to the fan and always made a fuss when it was switched off.


When I was pregnant I went through a lot of advice on parenting and was quite determined not to let the child decide what was best for her. But then, at least until she learns to communicate her basic needs verbally she is the best person to decide what she really needs as long as it is not harmful. I am always told not to let Batti get used to being held by me , as it will be really hard for me to do any other work. But she will only be this small bundle of joy this time right? So if I do not hold her, cuddle her, and sing stupid songs off key to her, where will those sweet memories be?

Visit to the Paediatrician

Took the child to a pediatrician finally. Although my experience giving birth to Batti was quite satisfying I was more than a bit worried about her as the resident pediatrician mentioned the possibility of a problem she might have. So it was an extremely anxious and tense me who went to see the doctor. But I was put at ease the moment we set our foot in. Batti was weighed and her weight gain was adequate. A full neonatal examination was done and she was pronounced to one active little girl with no signs of a problem. Felt like dissolving into tears or hugging the doctor, but did not do either as it would surely confirm my husband’s growing fears that the delivery has turned me into a complete lunatic.

Thus ended the week. My child was either four weeks or one month old. (I prefer the latter) and perfectly healthy. So who cares that rest of my house looks like utter chaos?


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