Abnormalities of male genital system

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Do you feel that nothing is going your way boys? Don’t be so negative. Thousands of things have gone perfectly OK for you, simply for you to have a normal physique and normal “male parts / manhood”. You have to see what happens when things go wrong, if you are to appreciate what you have.

 Absence of penis

Absence of the penis by birth is a very rare abnormality. It happens in 30 million births. Even though this is rare, the impact is unimaginable. The penis is completely absent with all its components. Some babies may have a tiny part of the penis. The scrotum develops well but testes do not descend properly. The urethra opens to the exterior at any point in the midline from pubis to rectum. Most frequent sites are the anus or the rectum. More than half of male babies with this problem has other associated genital malformations. Undescended testes,absence of kidneys are common. Up to 8 weeks of gestation external genitalia look the same in both males and females. A structure called the genital tubercle gives rise to the penis in males and clitoris in females. Failure of formation of genital tubercle is the origin of this condition. Uncontrolled diabetes in the mother is associated with an increased incidence. Most babies with this condition undergo sex change surgeries. But their identity remains male. So the recommendation is to raise these kids as boys. There are surgical techniques to form a rudimentary phallus.

Having two penises / penis split down the middle

This is another rare problem. This happens when the genital tubercle does not fuse in the midline. Most babies with this anomaly also have exposed bladder also.


Normally formed, abnormally short penis is called micropenis. This usually comes with a normal scrotum. But testes may be undescended. Measuring the penis length is very important. The correct method is to stretch the penis as much as possible and measure from base to tip. It is important to distinguish between this and buried penis in obese babies.Treatment includes testosterone injections over three months. If the response to testosterone is good the recommendation is to raise the baby as a boy. If the response is inadequate, the baby hould be raised as a girl.

Buried penis

In obese babies the penis lies hidden inside a thick fat pad. Pubic area can store a lot of fat. The penis is develops normally. Surgical correction is the treatment of choice.

Penis bent to a side

This is an uncommon condition where the penis is bent to one side due to dissimilar development of structures inside the penis. Usually this abnormality does not interfere with sexual intercourse. Only extreme psychological distress about the condition interferes with sex. Nesbit procedure is a very successful surgery to correct this abnormal curvature of the penis. Most of these conditions are rare and most respond well to treatment. Because doctors examine your baby soon after birth these conditions become apparent very early. So generally the outcome is very good.

 By: Dr. T. M. S. Sameera B. Madugalle M.B.,B.S (COL)

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