7 months to 1 year Old Baby

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Your baby is now fully activated with the world through smiles, laughs, and has babbling "conversations" with you. This article will provide you some Milestones about your baby’s behavior within 7 to 12 months time. But you should keep in mind that each child is unique and develops at her/ his own pace. There for these hints can be change according to their own style.

* Explores Possibilities!

Look at your baby; she’s become an eager explorer, and it might surprise you how quickly she can get around when he crawls or scoots. As she gets more active, it's important to provide a safe space to explore. She may not be walking quite yet, but you can help him get ready by holding her in a way that puts weight on her legs or by propping her up against the sofa. She can sit on her own now and grabs anything she can to pull herself up to standing and "cruise." she might even take some solo steps before his first birthday.

* Keep Talking

Keep talking to your baby; this is a critical time for her language development. Describe your routine, what you're doing now and what you're going to do next, and what you see. Describing how you think your baby is feeling helps her learn emotions. Keep reading together and play hide-and-seek, and turn-taking games. Her babbling sounds more like real conversation and you'll hear her first words often "Amma" (momy/mama) or "Thaththa" (daddy/papa). Soon she'll talk in simple phrases, but in the meantime he uses gestures to point out what he wants or doesn't want and pays close attention to your words.

* What the Baby Can Do

Her hands are increasingly nimble, she amuses herself putting things in containers and taking them out again. She can use her thumb and finger in a pincer grasp to eat finger food. Your baby loves to be just like you by combing her own hair, drinking from a cup, and pretending to talk on the phone. Pay attention to what she enjoys, and gives her the freedom to use all her senses to play and discover. Offer her crayons and paper, stacking blocks, empty food containers, and pots and pans to play with.

* Guidance and Praise

Praise and reward for her good behavior, if he gets into mischief, a brief "no" and redirection is usually enough. Although he's too young to understand and obey rules, you can start showing him which behaviors aren't allowed and helping him find more appropriate activities.
While she may seem outgoing, she's probably reserved around strangers. And when you leave her, she may become distraught separation anxiety is normal at this age.

* Final Note – if there’s a slow growth?

Each child is unique and develops at her/ his own pace. But if you notice that your baby Doesn't crawl, Seems to drag one side while he's crawling for a month or more, Can't stand with support, Doesn't try to find objects you've hidden in front of him or say any words or Doesn't use gestures, such as shaking his head "no" and pointing then it is important to meet a doctor.


ඔබට ඇති වෛද්ය ගැටළු අසන්න මෙහි ක්ලික් කරන්න, Ask a Doctor | වෛද්යවරයාගෙන් අසන්න


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