Get to Know More about Hyperthyroidism

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Are you having trouble sleeping, sweating more than usual and have irritating bowel movements? Are you feeling like every activity in your body is happening so fast making you tired. If so you may be having an over reactive thyroid gland. Here is everything you should know in a nut shell,to keep you and your baby healthy, throughout pregnancy.

What is an over reactive thyroid gland?

This is a condition known as Hyperthyroidism, where your thyroid gland is working in an excessive manner, as if your body is fixed to a bullet train. Overall metabolic functions in your body speed up, and now it is not only you, but your baby can also get affected because of this condition. You many have inherited it because hyperthyroidism runs in families.

How will you feel if you have hyperthyroidism?

Since every activity in your body is going in a faster manner,you will sweat more, may feel frequent bowel movements, and a racing heart beat, along with loss of weight. Further more you will feel fatigue,excited and weak. Excessive sweating and feeling weak cannot be really distinguished because those can be normal when a baby is in your womb. But obviously high heart rate (aboe 100beats/minute) and loss of weight can be typical and that is when you should meet your family doctor.

How will my doctor confirm the diagnose?

Your family doctor will do a physical examination, blood test and thyroid function test to confirm whether you are having hyperthyroidism.

Say if Im diagnosed with the disease; how will it affect my baby?

You don’t need to panic. Having this condition doesn’t mean that it will definitely pass it to your baby unless it’s a very severe condition.You will be treated by your doctor right after you are diagnosed, and once your baby is born, he will be checked to see if he has any conditions related, like increasedheart rate, increased size of the thyroid gland or low birth weight and proper treatments will be given.

How will I be treated?

Hyperthroidism can be controlled well so that you can maintain a healthy pregnancy and reduce complications after delievery. Not only that,by taking the drugs prescribed, you will be able to engage in your day to day activities without any problem. Make sure to avoid drugs like propylthiouracil andMethimazole which are contraindicated in pregnancy. Moreover, you will have to visit for monthly blood checks, to clarify whether the condition is under control. If you follow these steps properly, it is not a big issue to keep your over- active thyroid gland, in limits.


Article verified by: Dr. (Mrs) Kaushalya Mendis


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