How To Plan Whether To Get Pregnant Or Not

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Age and Health Conditions

To minimize the risk factors, it is suggested that you are in the age range of 19 to 35. Before 19 or after 35 doctors consider as risky time for pregnancy, since below 19 is not matured to be a mother and after 35 not strong enough to be a mother.

Even though you are in the above age range, you should strive to be healthy. If you are suffering from any disease, smoke, drink alcohol, used narcotics or you are using birth control pills for a long time then you have to take advice from your family doctor before you get pregnant.

Economic Situation

In the present economy it is really expensive to raise a child. You have to ask yourself that “Am I really ready to face all the financial challenges?” However, do not let the economic challenges deter you reaching the supreme position of becoming a mother. You can always get help from family and friends instead of paying for expensive child care centres while the child is still young. Also, there are many cost effective options on food & nutrition, clothing and other needs.

In order to successfully face the economic challenges that are likely to arise, we suggest you to prepare a list of things to purchase during pregnancy period, before the delivery and also during the first few months.

Your Career

You should plan your career to align with the plans of pregnancy. Check if you have any major projects, transfers, work related travels or promotions coming up in the near future. In most work places, you have the ability to negotiate the matters with the upper management. Also, be educated about the labour rights especially during the pregnancy period.

Pervious Children and Family

You and your husband should have a clear understanding and agreement about the timing of pregnancy and whether to raise another child or not. If you have children who are old enough to understand that a new member is joining the family, you have to talk to them about a new member joining in and it will not affect the love and caring for them.

Physical and Mental Preparation

You have to prepare physically as well as mentally to get pregnant. You have to check whether you are in a depression, especially those with a personal or family history of depression. If you notice signs of depression, such as a loss of interest and pleasure in things that you used to enjoy, a change in appetite, a change in sleep pattern, a loss of energy, or feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness then you have to immediately meet your doctor before getting pregnant.

The two most effective treatments for depression are cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and medication, and many patients do best with a combination of both. As Sri Lankans we believe meditation as a good way of calming down the mind and also to reflect upon your priorities. You can try stress management techniques; such as yoga and meditation, which research suggests can help depressed women conceive.


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