When You are 100% Ready for Pregnancy

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1. Stop contraceptive pills

When you have decided 100% that you are moving forward to get pregnant, it is recommended to stop the usage of contraceptive pills. This is because usage of the pills has an effect of the menstrual cycle.

Once you stop the pills, you will start figuring out your natural cycle. Based on that you can find out what time of the month you are most fertile. If you have irregular periods after stopping pills please consult a doctor.

2. Limit Caffeine

Over usage of caffeine is not good for the body, especially when you are getting pregnant. However we have noticed that many people are highly addicted to caffeine based drinks. It will be a good idea to move to “de- caffeine” beverages. In any case of doubt, just stick to only a morning black tea or a de-caffeine coffee. Don’t forget there are plenty of fruit juices in our country, which can keep you energetic.

3. Control Weight

Although you do not need a rail thin body, it is always a good idea to manage the right BMI (body mass index) based on your height and weight. When you make a visit to a well-woman clinic you will get advise on the weight to manage based on the height and age of yours. It is not difficult to manage weight and be fit. Always follow the simple rules about balanced diet using food pyramid. And replace refined sugars and wheat with more unrefined/whole grain options. Increased intake of vegetables and fruit is a must!

4. Happiness is Important

At this time you should take care of your psychological wellness as much as your physical wellness. There are plenty of options that keeps you happy and positive energy flowing. You just have to find the right thing for you between watching a comedy movie on your sofa or going for a zubma dancing class.

5. Manage Finances

The pregnancy period and child birth will be quite costly to you in today’s world. Therefore, please start budgeting and saving. You can take a full list of work to be done in preparation for the upcoming events and start finding out cost of each of them. It will be meaningful to be a member of a good medical insurance scheme too.

 මෙම ලිපිය ඔබ වෙත ගෙන එන්නේ ලංකා හොස්පිටල්ස් ආයතනය වෙතිනි. This article was brought to you by Lanka Hospitals PLC.


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