Missed or Irregular Periods

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Missing a period definitely can cause a little panic for any woman, regardless of planning a pregnancy or not. Not all women have typical periods. So it is important to be aware about the differences and when to panic or not. This article will give you a few pointers towards missed or irregular periods.

* About Periods

Typically, a woman has her period every 24 to 31 days, lasting between four and seven days, and losing approximately four to 12 tablespoons of blood. During your menstrual cycle each month your body releases unfertilized eggs. Your estrogen and progesterone levels rise and thicken the lining of your uterus to protect the eggs if they become fertilized. If none of the eggs are fertilized, your body sheds the excess lining in the form of your monthly period.

* Missed periods

Some women completely miss or have irregular periods. You may have more or fewer periods, your periods may be shorter or longer, or you may lose more or less blood. These conditions can be caused by chronic medical issues or by changing medical or emotional circumstances. In most cases, the condition causing irregular periods can be resolved or treated.

* Pregnancy & Periods

Pregnancy is the most common cause of a missed period. If you might be pregnant, treat yourself as if you are pregnant until you know for sure. Use a home pregnancy test as the first step to finding out whether you are pregnant.

* Reasons for not having periods

If you are not pregnant, other causes of missed or irregular periods include: - Excessive weight loss or gain. - Eating disorders - Increased exercise - Emotional stress - Illnesses - Travel - Hormone problems - Medicines such as certain birth control methods, which may cause lighter, less frequent, more frequent or skipped periods or no periods at all. - Illegal drug use - Problems with the pelvic organs, such as imperforate hymen, polycystic ovary syndrome, or Asherman's syndrome - Breast-feeding. Many women do not resume regular periods until they have completed breast-feeding.

* What to do when Missing a Period?

If you've skipped a period, try to relax. Restoring your life to emotional and physical balance can help. Many women miss periods every now and then. Unless you are pregnant, chances are your cycle will return to normal next month. But if you miss three periods in a row and are not pregnant, you should see your doctor to determine the cause of your skipped periods. The doctor will ask questions about your health and your lifestyle to determine whether or not your amenorrhea is due to medical or emotional reasons. In either case, most cases of amenorrhea end on their own or with the help of medication. You should also see your doctor if you have not started having periods by the age of 16.


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