How Mother's Stress Affect the Unborn Baby...

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Do you think that ‘stress’ is an important word that you should be aware of, when you are pregnant? Have you ever thought that the “gifted life” inside your womb is very much affected by each and every feeling you go through? If you think that it does; Yes, of course! You are correct! Similar to the interconnection between your body and soul, when you are pregnant, the baby growing inside you is also having an interaction with your moods and physical changes.

What is stress?

Getting pregnant doesn’t mean that your life is going to pause for nine months. May you be a working mom or not, you will go through many tensed moments in your day today life which will in turn give rise to numerous irritating and annoying feelings in your mind.

How does your body response to stress when you are pregnant?

When these moods come up, several biological changes in your body take place. Mainly, Your body gives a ‘fight or flight’ response due to production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. These are the same hormones which are produced when you are in a danger which may affect your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. During pregnancy, these hormones can cross the placenta, and influence your little angel in various negative aspects. It leads to poor pregnancy outcomes such as intrauterine growth restriction, infections, preterm delivery and low birth weight. Studies have proven that a happy mother is more likely to create a happy fetus, ultimately giving birth to a healthy baby, that every mom dreams of. How can maternal stress affect the fetal life? The fetal stage of prenatal development can be defined as beginning of the 11th week in gestational age, which is the 9th week after fertilization. Every single day there is a new developmental change taking place in this developing fetus and everything mother does, can influence the fetus either in a positive or negative way. According to latest studies, stress of the womb can cause the fetus to adapt physiologically and when this happens for a long time, the fetus builds itself in a way which can resist the high-stress environment and even after birth the baby may carry a pile of stress related pathologies. Low birth weight and pre term delivery (before 37 weeks) also top the list of negative effects due to maternal stress. These Pre term babies are susceptible for many complications like development disorders, chronic lung diseases, learning defects and many more. When they grow up as adults there is a high risk of getting prone to heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes and also various infections.

How can you overcome stress? – “Take a chill pill”

Bringing a new creature to life is definitely not an easy task. As a mom, you will have many things to worry about everything under the sun because you want your little one to be born healthy and grow up as a perfect adult. So stress is something which will eventually boost up even without your knowledge. Here are some chill pills you will be glad to share with your other pregnant friends as well.

1. Spend a few minutes in your daily routine to connect and talk smoothly with your baby growing inside your womb

2. Think and admire the miraculous job your body is performing right now

3. Meditation and Yoga

4. Spend some time with women who have gone through this journey before and share their experiences

5. Try to sort out personal and other problems, which are haunting in your mind as soon as possible, without letting those get piled up and cause stress

6. Go for walks and may be swimming (after getting approval from your doctor), which will definitely help you to ease the delivery and recovery. This will also make you to breathe fresh air, which will give you mental clarity as well

7. If you love Reading, please continue to read the books that inspire you and give positive energy. It will be double the impact if you like writing, which helps you to unload some of the stress

8. Music: Nothing else can calm down your mind as a slow melody on a piano, and rhyming chords of a guitar. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t listen to energetic, upbeat songs. Your brain will get stimulated and will help you to relax. Pick up your choice but avoid ones, which will raise your stress level. After all, it’s your baby who is going to see the light of the world in a few more months. So being slightly aware of cortisols and adrenaline rush will definitely help you to see the face of a happy baby just in the way you are dreaming every day and night.

Article verified by: Dr. (Mrs) Kaushalya Mendis


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