What Life-style Changes I Have to Make When Pregnant

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Life style changes depend on how many changes you made when you started trying to conceive. If you started playing the part of mama to be even before you conceived (always your best option, by the way), you may not have much lifestyle tweaking left to do. If, however, you hit the reproductive jackpot a little sooner than you’d anticipated, you’ll want to make some lifestyle changes right away.

Drop the Bad Habits:

Stop smoking, drinking alcohol, and using any street drugs

Mind Your Medicines:

Check with your doctor about the safety of any prescription or over-the-counter medications that you use on a regular basis.


Its high time to learn about the right nutrition for a mom to be and also as a mom. Ample amounts of protein, vitamins and other minerals can be absorbed from your regular meals. Apart from nutritious food, it is recommended to start taking a folic acid supplement so that you can reduce your risk of miscarriage and of giving birth to a baby with a brain or spinal defect.

Check Your Job Security:

Find out if you’re being exposed to any substances on the job that could be dangerous to your developing baby. If so, you’ll want to talk to your employer about switching to less risky work while you’re pregnant.

Start Eating for Two:

Find out which food is off limits for moms to be. These include foods that may contain bacteria that can be harmful to the developing baby, certain types of fish that could be high in mercury, and foods that may trigger a food allergy in babies born to parents with a history of food allergies.

Change the Way You Dress:

Body Changing depends on your body shape and size, how tuned in you are to bodily changes, and how form fitting your regular wardrobe is. You’ll probably find that you start to feel “puffy” around the eight-week mark and you’ll no longer want to wear anything that is tight around your waist. If you’ve got some loose-fitting pants in your closet, you’ll probably be able to make it into the second trimester without having to go on a maternity shopping blitz unless, of course, you start popping the buttons on your blouses before then.


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